Cancellation Prior to Departure for Israel

Participants must make their own decisions about cancellation. In previous years, trips have gone even at times of high tension. If you or your family becomes concerned because of something that happens in Israel before the trip, you must decide for yourself whether you will go or not. The following are the only circumstances that would cause cancellation of all activities prior to departure:

  • Cancellation of the dig season by the Zinman Institute of Archaeology
  • An order by the US Embassy to evacuate US Nationals
  • The refusal of airlines to fly to Israel

Program Interruption and/or Evacuation

As instability in the Middle East may cause a crisis to flare up at any time, the project director reserves the right to change, limit, or cancel programming at his sole discretion for security purposes, even if those changes cause financial loss or increased costs for participants. In the event of such interruption, participants will be responsible for additional costs of transportation, lodging, and meals. Fees for unused portions of the excavation are not refundable. See the security page for more details.