Students at Concordia or other CUS schools

Students who are at least 18 years of age and enrolled at Concordia may participate in the excavation project. Enrollment in courses is optional but encouraged. [Students at other CUS schools may participate as volunteers or take classes through simultaneous enrollment.] The dig is a rigorous activity requiring robust health. Students should give consideration to their physical stamina when deciding whether to join the team.

Adult Volunteers

Concordia’s archaeological project relies heavily on adult volunteers (age 21 and over) who come for two or more weeks of work. Although the physical demands of archaeological work are significant, work for adult volunteers is tailored to individual ability and interest. Some work along side students; others engage is slower and more delicate work.

Stay Requirements and Preferences

Due to limited housing at the kibbutz, preference will be given to students and volunteers who will staf for the complete season. The minimum stay is for two weeks, and such short stays are on a “space available” basis.

Students with Documented Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities in need of accommodations for overseas travel MUST meet with disability services AND the project director to determine appropriate accommodations before the application deadline. We encourage diversity in students who travel overseas and students with disabilities are no exception. However, due to the unique nature of an archaeological excavation, it may not be possible for typical accommodations to be provided due to the remote and primitive nature of the site. Failure to provide adequate documentation or work with disability services/faculty by given deadlines may result in denial of or significant alterations to accommodation requests.

Students from Other Universities

Students from other universities are welcomed and encouraged to apply for participation on Concordia’s team. Those who wish academic credit register as “visiting students” at Concordia. For more info, see http://info.csp.edu/registrar/.

Passport requirement

Your passport MUST have an expiration date that is more than SIX months after the dig concludes. If your passport expires before 1 Feb 2017, you must get it renewed before departing for Israel.