1. The Concordia work at Hippos is a rigorous experience. Students and volunteers must be mentally and physically prepared.

2. The excavation consists of long and hard days. All participants will participate fully in all scheduled activities.

3. At the excavation, students will interact with an international team of archaeologists, volunteers, and students. Tolerance and respect are a must.

4. Students from Concordia University St. Paul are also governed by the regulations of the Student Handbook.

5. The excavation takes place in Israel, a land of great tension and conflict. Participants will be most circumspect about political statements.

6. Students and volunteers will respect the laws of the State of Israel, the traditions of Kibbutz Ein Gev, and all such rules and regulations of the program.

7. Participants will go about in groups, always informing the program director of their whereabouts. Under no circumstances will a participant go anywhere outside the living quarters alone.

8. Changes in the security situation may bring about major changes to program and activities. Participants will abide by the decision of the program director in all matters of security, even if that decision leads to financial loss. See security and cancellation statements.