Project update — Archaeology of Liturgy

The first step in my research was to develop a group of Late Antique Churches from the areas directly around Hippos with which to test and refine Mulhollands framework for doing what he labelled as the “archaeology of liturgy,” that is, using archaeology to inform our understanding of liturgical practice and by inference beliefs of the community gathering in a church.

I have selected ninety-one potential sites for further examination: thirty seven from Palaestina Secunda, fifty from Arabia from Madaba to the north, and fourteen from the Syrian Hauran. As I gather data on each of these sites, I expect to reduce the catalog to about fifty sites for which there is sufficient evidence to test Mulholland’s analytical framework, thus doubling the total data set.

To document my work, I have built a Google map and set up the framework for a series of web pages details the sites and (subsequently) the analysis. As these pages are public, you may follow my work over the course of the project. The address of the project site is