Monastery of the Cross Hippos Chora

Touring often accompanies the archaeological work at Hippos. Our tour this morning was exceptional.

Based on a report from the Haifa team, five of us struck out across the valley north of Hippos searching for a possible ancient monastery marked by a single block of limestone inscribed with a cross. We searched widely across the neighboring valley and hillside until we came upon the badly eroded block of limestone protruding from the corner of a large structure (N 32˚ 46.439, E 035˚ 39.946)..


The monastery held a commanding view of the Noa Stream and of the fields north of Hippos.


We can only wonder who inhabited this locale and why they chose to encounter God here. They are part of the “great cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us.  May our lives too be marked by the sign of the cross.