Week 2

With the conclusion of the second week, we say “farewell” to the Canadian contingent as we welcome returning volunteers.

With the second week, portions of the Beta Building are coming into focus. The southeast portion of the building is an enclosed courtyard with a simple staircase of limestone.

Courtyard and staircase of Beta Building

The paved courtyard proceeds north from the staircase. Sitting on the courtyard were two basalt bowls and two grinding stones of varying design.

Stone bowls and grinding stones

To the north of the paved courtyard is a room with a packed earth floor.

Northerly interior room of the Beta Building

Probes in the northerly room revealed an early floor at the base of three courses of an earlier floor.

Earlier floor on cobbles

Part of our work in week 2 involved repair to the Alpha Building, the northwest corner of which collapsed. To date we have reset the foundation course and the first major course of stones.

Repair to the northeast corner of the Alpha Building

Week two saw the end of the work on the east room of the House of Tyche. Mysteries remain in the northern part of the room, to be revealed in a future season.

East room of the House of Tyche

After two weeks in the heat, we ended the day with popsicles in the field. Delicious!

Christine and Connie enjoy the moment.